If you’re rude to retail workers, there’s a 1000000000% chance they’re going to laugh and make fun of you after you leave.


Oasis play Knebworth 10th & 11th August 1996

The gig sold out within 6 minutes of going on sale.

It was the biggest gig ever played in Britain to that point, with about 125,000 people at each of the two nights, for a total of 250,000 fans in attendance, and had everyone who wanted a ticket gotten one, it would undoubtedly have been the biggest gig in all of history, and remained so indefinitely.

At least 1.8 million people applied for tickets… meaning that Oasis could have played Knebworth to 125,000 people every night for two weeks straight!

Knebworth House’s official website quotes the figure at 2.6 million, which would have seen the band play to 125,000 fans every night for THREE weeks straight!!

The show was carried live on radio stations from 34 different countries around the world, and the band earned £5.5 million from ticket sales alone (not including merchandise). They sold 150,000 t-shirts to the fans. People near the stage were actually in a different county than people at the very back of the audience, 2 1/4 miles away.

"From his side of the stage, Noel surveys the sea of bodies stretching from the barrier in front of him way back into the horizon. ‘This is history,’ he proclaims, visibly moved. ‘I thought it was Knebworth,’ Liam interjects."

-Was There Then, Jill Furmanovsky, 1997

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NME - 22.07.1995


A beautiful photo of Noel and Liam, from Heathen Chemistry era. The intention was i think to picture them as twins in mother’s womb,mirroring each other. Well done, i dare say.


but it’s time to face the truth, i will never be with you